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Concerned CRAs , an organization founded in part to promote the appropriate use of national criminal database records, says that while these database searches can be a valuable source of information, they are too often used in an irresponsible manner. Proforma Screening Solutions is a member of Concerned CRAs and we strongly support and encourage the appropriate use of national database records searches within the criminal screening process. We will not ever sell a national criminal check by itself because that is simply not the right thing to do. At the same time, we believe there is a strong case for national records checks in employment screening and feel there is a compelling reason to consider a national database check a must-have in order to fulfill your duty of care as an employer.

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In positions where a criminal background check is appropriate and relevant to the job, a national criminal database search can play an important role. That said, with more than 3, jurisdictions in the U. This is where the database comes in. If we find a red flag in a database search we can follow up at the source to confirm or deny the findings before making an employment-related decision based on the information.

Similar to national criminal database searches, state-level criminal records checks should be supplemented and verified by specific local jurisdiction searches as determined by activity uncovered in the statewide search. While statewide searches are useful in some situations, they can present serious limitations in others.

A statewide criminal records search often does not reflect the current status of the local jurisdiction records. Also, while jurisdictions are mandated to report to the statewide repository, in reality there is very little mechanism to make sure that every jurisdiction reports properly. So you cannot be certain of the coverage. Finally, and importantly, statewide data very often lacks disposition information so while you may find out about an arrest, the outcomes may not be found.

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If you knowingly rely on a statewide search as the end-all-be-all source of criminal records you will be standing on weak legal ground. As with national records searches, a statewide search should be used to guide local level searches. It can be very useful as a pointer, but not as an authoritative source.

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Local criminal background checks can be your best source of criminal information about job candidates and employees. Of course, like anything else, there are steps that must be taken to ensure quality, compliance, and accuracy. As a result, some states provide extensive criminal record information while others are more limited. Access to state criminal information varies and may run the gamut from mail requests, in person requests, or by online access.

As technology advances, many states are implementing a unified court system — a valuable resource which maintains uniformity among the counties of a particular state. In general, the information in the unified court system is in real time, with updates made as soon as court personnel enters data into the system. This unified court system is a single database that is used by all the counties in the state.

These registries are used to track the whereabouts of offenders required to be registered as part of their sentence. Each state has its own guidelines for accessibility and release of information from its registry.

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Department of Justice and state, territorial, and tribal governments that allows a single national query to determine in which states a person is registered. Justifacts searches all publicly available sex offender registries as well as the DOJ National Registry. If an entry is found on a sex offender list, you can request a follow-up search with county court records to determine whether reportable case information exists on any registered sex offender.

Since the states of California and Nevada limit the use of sex offender registry information for employment purposes, we report only applicable information to our clients, in compliance with the law. Lets Talk. Skip to content. National Criminal Database The National Criminal Database Search serves as a valuable tool and provides nationwide information that has been compiled by state courts, departments of correction, federal sanctions lists, and statewide sex offender registries.

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Our Process: This database has been compiled from a variety of sources, including state court information, department of correction information, federal sanctions lists and statewide sex offender registries. County Court Records County court records are an essential component of comprehensive criminal record checks.

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Benefits: Contains the most accurate, timely and complete data available Includes information on open cases, convictions, dismissals, and diversions Case records are matched with a minimum of two identifiers to ensure any found case information is accurately connected to the applicant. State Criminal Records Statewide criminal record checks can be a cost-effective alternative to conducting multiple county searches within the same state. Benefits: Where available, provide statewide criminal information Individual state waivers are built into our Applicant Portal process providing ease of use for applicants May be required to fulfill legal requirements for certain industries Case records are matched with a minimum of two identifiers to ensure any found case information is accurately connected to the applicant.

Our Process: Access to state criminal information varies and may run the gamut from mail requests, in person requests, or by online access.