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I convert lead into opportunity for exiting customer.

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Write Preview. Create a user as 'Crm Salesmanager'. I added groups for Crm Salesmanager.

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Create a user as 'Crm Salesman'. I added groups for Crm Salesman. I set a new sale team giving access rights of salesman. Salesman check unqualified lead. I make duplicate the Lead. I create a new lead. I change type from lead to opportunity. I check default stage of opportunity. Now I change the stage of opportunity to won. I check statge of opp should won, after change stage.

During a mixed merge involving leads and opps , data should be handled a certain way following their type m2o, m2m, text, I create a merge wizard and merge the leads and opp together in the first item of the list. I check for the resulting merged opp based on name and partner. I want to test leads merge. I create a merge wizard and merge the leads together. I check for the resulting merged lead based on name and partner.

8 Secrets For Successful Sales Management

I want to test opps merge. Knowing this, you can switch to another strategy in time to still hit your monthly revenue goal. Granted, all of this information depends in large part on your sales cycles.

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If you have a massively expensive enterprise software package that often takes half a year to close, then a monthly report would be your version of a weekly report, and your weekly report would be similar to a daily report for other businesses with shorter sales cycles. To master the report writing, there are a couple of crucial question that you need to ask yourself: who are you reporting for, and why?

Is this a weekly check-up or an assessment of a situation or a campaign project? What is the time period of the report?

What is the main message you want to share? Once these questions have found an answer, you can easily articulate your report accordingly. All of the steps mentioned above apply when writing a daily, weekly or monthly sales report to your boss. A daily sales report is a management tool used by businesses, sales reps, and managers in order to extract the most relevant daily sales data such as the number of closed deals, client conversations, opportunities created, and many other sales related KPIs.

Instead, you want to focus more on process metrics. On a daily basis, your reps are simply going to have some bad days and some good days due to reasons beyond their control. So, seeing that a rep has one low earning day, and then calling them into your office, would be a little premature, and arguably an example of micromanagement. As mentioned, each day in a sales department is different and there are many things simply out of human control. But having a closer look at your daily sales operations, the better you can conclude what works in your sales process and what not.

Now we will focus on some examples you can track on a daily basis. An opportunity is basically a lead that gets qualified, because of the good response and interaction it had — meaning, this is no junk email address nor a fake phone number. An opportunity can be a conversation that ends on a meeting, paving the way to further sales interaction.

This is assuming that you are qualifying your leads properly of course, which at times can be easier said than done. This sales KPI can be tricky and controversial sometimes since it can vary greatly, based on the type of the lead and actual scenario.

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The optimal response time should be determined after different strategies are tested. That means you should decide when is the right time to react when prospects download a free trial or whitepaper, whereas prospects requesting an offer should be contacted as soon as possible. After you have your benchmarks, you can track on a daily basis how your sales reps are performing, and what their averages are. That way you can better analyze the effects on your overall strategy.

You can track the number of outbound calls made by each of your rep on a daily basis and see how effective they are in their performance and take appropriate measures if there are significant deviations from set targets.

This is a pretty straightforward report. Quite straightforward, this KPI counts the number of sales performed on the day. This is particularly important for small retailers who have a lot of items with low-added value, and who hence need to close as many deals as possible to make a profitable margin. The retail KPIs we will explain next are indispensable in the retail industry.

Retailers must track these KPIs since they need to have a daily overview of their operations, costs, and expenses to be able to generate profit. This is one of a clear-cut daily report that focuses on the number of sales achieved on a daily basis.

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It is quite important to track, especially in the retail industry, since daily volumes can indicate which days of the week perform best, and how you can use this to your advantage. Another retail KPI that is extremely useful to track since you can conclude a lot about customer behaviors just by looking at the device or payment type. This KPI certainly varies, depending on the retail store type. Order placement must be tracked on a daily basis since retailers need to keep an eye on how many orders they received each day to ensure profitable results.

This will enable you to improve your retail analytics and evaluate which weekdays are busy the most to avoid out of stock situations. The average units per customers evaluates how many items are purchased by customers on average, of course which can set the tone of the purchase trends and give you enough data to evaluate your sales even more precisely.

A weekly sales report is a measurement tool used by companies and individuals to track sales performance and essential KPIs, such as lead-to-opportunity ratio, lead conversion ratio, sales volume by channel, total sales per region, among many others, on a weekly basis. A week is arguably the perfect unit of time to measure individual sales rep performance. To break through, keep emails brief. Use short paragraphs so they appear quick to address. You may be tempted to use bulleted lists to accomplish this, but resist. In just three seconds, your prospects make a choice: read or delete.

It feels much less threatening than cold calling.

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