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Digital records exist from to the present. The information on this website is not an alternative to legal advice from your attorney or other professional legal services provider. For specific questions about any legal matter, you should consult your attorney or other professional legal services provider. The Wayne County Bar Association maintains a list of members.

The Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts provides instructions and documents that allow individual to represent themselves in several areas of family law with instructions and forms available online.

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Pennsylvania Divorce Laws – FAQs

If the period of separation began on or after December 5 of , both spouses must live separate and apart for a period of one year before filing the divorce complaint. After the applicable time period has passed, either spouse may sign and file an Affidavit Under Section d of the Pennsylvania Divorce Code. This states that the required separation time has passed, and allows a divorce to be entered after the other party has been notified and properly served with the following:.

These forms provide the other party with the option of opposing the divorce or raising claims. If they do not wish to take action, then the filing goes before a judge, who may enter a Divorce Decree twenty days after service has taken place.

Pennsylvania Property Division FAQ's | DivorceNet

It is important to note that a d divorce may not be obtained against a spouse who is both unrepresented and in the military. For this reason, all d divorces in Pennsylvania must be accompanied by an Affidavit of Non-Military Service. Pennsylvania divorce costs vary from one complaint to the next, and costs can vary from one county to another.

Steps to File a Divorce in PA

Certain court filing costs may be hundreds of dollars. If a complainant cannot afford to pay filing costs, he or she may request In Forma Pauperis status, which requires detailed statements of income and expense. In addition to these statements, the party may be required to appear before the judge for a hearing to determine whether Pennsylvania divorce fees can be waived.

Between forty and fifty percent of US residents file for divorce at some time during their lives.

Complicated Divorce Issues: How to Get a Divorce in Pennsylvania

In , Pennsylvania statistics showed 32, divorces and annulments, along with 73, marriages for a divorce rate of almost 45 percent. Our platform takes the user through the entire dissolution process. We provide information and support along the way through our content on our Insights Blog, the Divorce Sucks! Podcast and The Index, our curated professional and lifestyle resource guide.

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Although you may opt to represent yourself for a simple mutual divorce, Pennsylvania lawyers offer insight and expertise in dealing with complicated matters and ensuring that each party receives his or her fair share of property. Divorce in Pennsylvania is often complicated, meaning that it is best to obtain legal counsel or mediation services to ensure that every detail is properly attended to.

Mistakes are common when people represent themselves during divorce. Parties who present filings that contain errors are required to re-file under Pennsylvania divorce law, so the process takes far longer than necessary and costs far more in legal fees.

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Consult with an attorney for more information regarding your individual situation.

Filing Divorce Papers in Pennsylvania

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