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Includes also transcripts and extracts from local, county, state and federal sources church records, vital records, probate records, military records, pension records, land records, emigration and immigration records, naturalization records, etc.

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They had two children. She died in in Salt Lake City, Utah. Includes Howe, Jackson, Marsh and related families. Ancestral families and family of Eva Belle Kempton Bartlett Kempton She was adopted by George and Louisa Worthen Barnes at the age of six.

She married 1 Emery Glidden Ordway in They had two children, She married 2 Leo James Barrowns, in She died in Claremont, New Hampshire. Edmund Rice Association newsletter - v. Reminiscences of the family of Moody Chase of Shirley, Massachusetts : also a brief account of his ancestry. Ancestry of Nathan Dane Dodge and of his wife, Sa.

Creator Parsons, Mary Alvina Dodge, b. Creator Lord, Charles M. Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical : being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts, , with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants, Rev. Roger Newton of Mil. Creator White, Franklin H. The Eller chronicles : the official publication of the Eller Family Association. Green family heritage : England to America.

Creator Mitchell, Jolene Greene, b. Darling Family of America [newsletter], Vol. Creator Darling, Patricia E. Hills family of Maine register, : this registry follows the descendants of Joseph's line that settled in Maine as they migrated from Malden to New Hampshire and into Maine. Ahnentafel chart for Floris Cobbley.

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Hudson genealogy, , including all known descendants of Ananias and Magdalin Willey Hudson and those who have married into the family. A Davis family : ancestors and descendants of Charles Elbridge Davis. Creator Davis, George S. Early ancestry and genealogy of Willard Richards and Brigham Young, cousins.

Compiled family history. Creator Grover, Joel P. Cornell cousins : official publication of the Cornell Family Association of America - v. James Howe of Ipswich and some of his descendants. James Howe emigrated from England about settling at Roxbury, Massachusetts. Creator Perley, M. Martin Van Buren , b. Christner endeavors : an enchange of Christner and allied family information - v. Includes some transcripts from local, county, state, and federal sources cemeteries Creator Gillilan, Doris L. Samuel Cook in New Haven, Conn. Creator Williams, George E. He was refused admission but forcibly made his way to the third floor and was about entering Mr.

Seward's room when Mr. Frederick Seward stopped him. The villain drew a pistol and snapped it, and then struck Frederick with it so violently as to fracture the.

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The intelligence of this double blow at the organic life of the state produced a fearful excitement. Many clamored for vengeance. There was a general inquiry, How far does the conspiracy extend? If we have entered upon an era of assassination how many are written in its doom-book? In Washington the commotion was terrible. Stanton hearing of the assault at once upon his superior, and his colleague, saw that a formidable conspiracy was striking desperately, and promptly issued orders closing all drinking shops and places of public gatherings in the city, stationing guards at all avenues of assault or escape, for protecting the person of the Vice-President and government officials and for securing the public buildings.

Throughout the country strong men staggered under the intelligence. Bells tolled in every steeple, and mourning badges were on every house. In Illinois that grief was the deeper because Illinois best knew and loved the slain chieftain. He had grown with her growth, he was identified with her history, he had fought the battle of freedom on her prairies, she had given him to the nation, and had sent him with loving benedictions and earnest prayers to the post of responsibility, peril, death!

History of Livingston County, Illinois.

At Springfield and Chicago, the grief and indignation were most intense. Yet at its height, men and women as by instinct made their way to the principal churches, crowding them to the utmost, and calling for Christian pastors to lead them in prayer and steady them with exhortation. So wore away that day. The next was the Sabbath, and almost every pulpit made fitting allusion to the sad blow which had fallen. Immediately after the decease, the body was removed to Executive Mansion and placed in the Green Room.

Near the center of the apartment was a grand catafalque on which rested the mahogany coffin covered with flowers. On Monday, the seventeenth, a meeting of Congressmen and other leading gentlemen was held at the Capitol, over which presided Hon. Senator Lafayette S.

A committee of arrangements was appointed for the funeral, of which Hon. Charles Sumner was chairman. This committee selected as pall-bearers Senators Foster, pro tem. A committee of one from each loyal State and Territory was chosen to accompany the body to its last earthly receptacle. On Tuesday the Executive Mansion was opened and the body, which had been embalmed, was permitted to be seen by the people.

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It is estimated that twenty-five thousand passed by the catafalque. Holland says, "Hundreds of those who pressed around the sacred dust uttered some affectionate word, or phrase, or sentence.

The rich and the poor, the white and the black, mingled their tokens of affectionate regard and dropped, side by side, their tears upon the coffin. It was humanity weeping over the dust of its benefactor. Wednesday, the 19th, was such a day as the nation had never seen. Throughout all the land was mourning and lamentation. The funeral services were announced to commence in Washington at 12 P. In many of the principal towns in Canada the observance was as general and impressive as in the States.

All business was suspended. The Nation was a mourner. In Washington the Departments were closed, flags were at halfmast and all the public buildings were draped in black. The remains were in the East Room. The guard of honor retained its place, and at the head of the coffin was the brave Major-General. Then in sad procession was made the march to the Capitol. Every house was in mourning — windows, piazzas, roofs, the spacious side-walks were crowded, awaiting the funeral car. Says Mr. In the rotunda the body remained through that night and the next day until 9 P. Thousands came to see the face of the dead, among them many of the wounded and invalid soldiers of the Union.

On the morning of the 21st the members of the Cabinet, distinguished officers of the army, and many members of Congress made their final visit.


Illinois demanded that he whom she sent forth with her benediction and invocation to be the nation's leader, should be brought home to sleep in her own bosom, far from the scenes of the war which gave him so much anguish. It was meet that his last resting-place should be on the broad prairies where he made his home — and that, not at.

It was decided to make the journey with the remains as rapid as possible, but the demand of the country compelled a modification — the people demanded the privilege of looking upon the face of their honored, martyred President. It was not for ostentation, but because the love of the people would not be denied, that the funeral journey along a line of fifteen hundred miles was such as the world never saw before.

A car was provided, fitted with elegant simplicity, hung in heavy black, festooned about the windows in double rows.