What reads rpm in your vehicle

I'm talking about normal NA cars.

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Tips and Resources. Japanese Talk. Conti Talk. Im sure the Input is 8. Thanks for the info Richard. Also tried an opto and still no good. Voltage proportional to speed?

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When looking with a scope, i dont see any change in voltage the faster i go, only frequency changes ranges from 25Hz rpm to Hz rpm. Or maybe there is something im missing Thank you all for the feedback, its really appreciated. Dominic Dumont. Yes, but you specifically said you were connecting to a pickup coil. This is apparently not true, and you are actually connecting to circuitry that produces the pulses. That's what i tough, but know im not to sure. I asked the guy who installed my remote starter and he said the wire was connected to the coil, but with what you said, i think the installer doesnt know what he is talking about[: ].

Thank you for the info Olin, know i may have an idea why all the circuit i tried did not work.

How to Monitor Your RPM Gauge to Get the Best Performance Out of Your Car

I will post back the answer when i get it. Again, thank you. If your measured the voltage over the whole speed range and know what you're getting, then certainly go with that. It might also be interesting to measure the impedence of that voltage. Tachometer pickup coils work by a premanent magnet on the rotating part passing by a coil startionary coil.

What is the use of Tachometer in car. How does it help f -|narthworlvaper.tk

The open circuit voltage of the coil is proportional to the derivative of the magnetic field change from basic physics. This means the faster the magnet goes by, the higher the voltage should be coming out. I have observed this on real tachometer pickups, and have designed circuits to receive these signals. The usual trick is to use a low pass filter which decreases the voltage as a function of frequency and also filters some random noise in the process. The characteristics you described don't match that of an open circuit coil, but if you've measured and know what you're getting, then this is all a bunch of pointless babble.

Rotating parts in coils are fading away, because coils are fading away.

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Most of new cars now have electronic modules that generate the sparks - some of these firing modules also have "triple spark" : instead of a single spark, the module produces a three spark burst to the plug, to ensure explosion in the cylinder. The firing module is connected to the ECM Engine Control Module - sometimes refered to as the car's computer , the signal described by Dredd 8.

Another info : on a diesel engine, where the firing system is far away from what I just described, remote starters use a magnetic pick-up device on the alternator to sens the RPM. Just some usefull technical babble How can i do that? I've asked that question because i like to know what i am doing, and to me its not "pointless babble" since know i know to what i should be connecting to, and that i am not connected there, so i must be on the "coil circuit" ECM like you mentionned before. I've read some info on pickup coil, and all I have read is exactly has you say, so from now on i will know that i am not directly on the coil, which is pretty important to me.

I guess the best thing to do in my case is before installing my device to a new car, i better read the signal with a scope to know if i see a frequency with no voltage change or if i see voltage changes. Thank you all. Register a new account.

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