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Property Documents. Property Document. Document Recording Services NOTICE: Please click here to learn about new recording requirements regarding minor changes to recorded documents effective January 1, Documents may be presented for recording in person, by mail, or by a representative. Please note the following: Documents must be recorded in the county where the property is located. The document should be legible.

Please include the name of the party requesting the recording, and a name and address where the document should be returned. Please include a completed Preliminary Change of Ownership Report when recording documents affecting a change in the ownership of real property. These forms can be obtained from the Clerk-Recorder and Assessor Departments. If you have any questions concerning which document form is appropriate to your transaction, or are in need of assistance in the preparation of that document, consult an attorney or obtain other professional advice Questions?

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Why is the County Recorder filing a lien against me? There is a lien filed under my name and it is not my property or information, how do I correct this mistake? How can I check if my lien was released? I received a Substitution of Trustee and Reconveyance, what does that mean?

My document was recorded fraudulently, what do I do? How did they know? Historically, if you were in the market to buy a building you jumped in the car and drove to the desired area.

Carefully observed were broker For Sale signs. You called and inquired.

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Created was a connection to a commercial real estate professional who became your tour guide through the available inventory. Our consumer-facing sites pale in comparison to our residential colleagues. But people still try.

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Absent are Zillow, Realtor. Once you find a building to buy, the process is largely unchanged although streamlined. Offer, counter, acceptance, escrow, due diligence, contingency waiver, fund and close are still the norm. Sure, but, a very small percentage of sales occur these ways. We must, as commercial real estate professionals, appeal to the online searcher.

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A common misconception is we simply use modern media sources โ€” FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram โ€” as a way to advertise available properties. Unfortunately, these ads get deleted like that cable subscription.

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What pulls a shopper to us these days is content. Content that portrays us as experts in our field, not simply a name on a sign.

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Content that inspires action and entertains or educates as a means of demonstrating our knowledge. Advertising buildings for sale only appeals to folks in the market today, a very small slice of the population. Yes, retail buildings are commercial real estate. Yes, the way in which consumers consume goods has torpedoed traditional retail.

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Think about sporting goods, pet items, books, office products, clothing, furniture, electronics โ€” all have seen dramatic reductions in the number of locations. Left in their wake? Large blocks of vacant space, which owners struggle to fill. Furniture retailers south of South Coast Plaza rebranded entirely, creating a new retail hub.