Arrests at walmart in antioch illinois

The work environment is fast-paced, and the company provides a workplace culture that supports team work, open communication, and above all; respect for the individual. An Interesting Place. Walmart has very many things to learn from day to day. You will never leave work feeling unaccomplished. There is always something to do and some way to keep yourself occupied. A typical day at work in Asset Protection was to make laps of the store, surveying the customers and to make sure nothing "fishy" was happening.

There were always weekly tasks to complete in order to keep our store safe. Our workplace was very laid back, which was a plus, and I was told that during my initial interview. The hardest part of my job was trying to learn the many tasks of an APA during a "normal" day. One issue I had during my short employment at Walmart was the confusing array of managers that were scattered throughout the store with varying titles like "Coach" and "People Lead" who had nothing better to do than sit in the office and gossip.

I was released from Walmart without reason and was told "It wasn't working out" by an Assistant Manager who I had never seen before.

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Place sucks, even after 28 years. Unprofessional Poster child for corporate greed You do not get paid fairly for your previous experience. Even if you worked there before, they "forget" after 5 years. What they ask you to do, when you aren't even paid a living wage, is ridiculous Management is incompetent High School drama abounds Risky and unsafe environment in which employees and customers are not protected from potential active shooters.

Just pass on this place ok?

Armed man arrested at Missouri Walmart; no shots fired

The whole time you're there, you're just being a ghost and missing out on other opportunities that you should be pursuing. Six months there, trying to make a dent in their terrible ideas, for nothing.

Antioch Police call the kidnapping and assault "a cold and calculated act"

All hourly associates are treated the same Education and past experience are never taken into consideration. Very bad communication with management and empoyees.

Though the pay is higher the workers AKA Managers did not make me feel like anything other than a number in their ranks as well as they had little consideration to me having family. I just got married and yet still having been with them almost 3 years I still feel as though I am the lowest of the low to everyone except from my immediate supervisor.

Walmart Shootings: February

High Expectations for Field Management. Walmart has been a great career builder. I have been able to work in various retail management capacities over the last 17 years gaining new skills sets at every role. Walmart has a great work culture environment and they lead the retail industry with diversity initiatives and change management.

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Great environment. Great environment love my team management team is understanding and able to get things done that need to be fixed. As long as you are willing to work management is willing to work with you with anything as far as schedules or hours. It pays pretty well I guess that all I have to say so yeah that is a ll the review is making me do words bye now. An ok place to work. The pay was worth entry-level positions. Meeting and greeting customers was fine. Faced threats from customers when receipts were asked.

Antioch man charged with sexual battery at Walmart

The position required patience in dealing with sometimes rude and belligerent customers. Learned to not push the issue if customers were unwilling. Overall good place! Been there almost 15 years , management is great, if you do your job no problem. We all get along great. Love the people I work with! To get to learn new things by transferring to different departments, or going to mgmt.

Dont work at walmart. Walmart is a very depressing place the managers are terrible at their jobs and hardly help anybody. None of the workers want to do their jobs no one even wants to be there its unorganized and stressful. It sucked. Full Story. Local News. Weather Traffic U. Station Info. Follow Us:. Share Tweet Email.

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Share: Share Tweet Email. WLS -- An Antioch man has been charged with sexual battery for an incident that took place at a local Walmart, police said Monday. Police said shortly after p. Saturday, they responded to the Walmart after a year-old woman reported she was groped by a man. The victim said she was shopping with her two young children when a man approached her in the Halloween section and commented on her appearance.