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About 3. The county government operates the jail , operates the major local courts, keeps files of deeds and mortgages, maintains vital records , administers public health regulations, and participates with the state in the provision of welfare and other social services.

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The county board of commissioners controls the budget but has limited authority to make laws or ordinances. In Michigan, most local government functions—police and fire, building and zoning, tax assessment, street maintenance, etc. Oakland County has an elected sheriff, and his or her law-enforcement services are used throughout the county. For instance, the city of Rochester Hills does not have a "Rochester Hills Police Department," but instead has an established sheriff substation in the city with deputies who are dedicated to that city only.

The sheriff operates in the same manner with other municipalities who opt not to have their own police agencies. This typically is a cost-effective way for municipalities to provide police services to its citizens. The county sheriff also maintains a civil division, marine division, alcohol and traffic enforcement units, and an aviation division. Road Commissioners: Eric. Wilson, Chairman; Gregory C. Kolar, Managing Director. It includes the county courthouse and jail for adults. Oakland County was historically a classic bastion of suburban conservatism, and was hence a longstanding stronghold of the Republican Party.

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However, since the s it has become more competitive and has voted for the Democratic candidate for President in the last six elections. In , Bill Clinton became the first Democrat to secure the plurality of Oakland County presidential votes since Lyndon Johnson in , and only the fourth to do so since Bush in and , respectively. In , Barack Obama became the first Democrat to win a majority in the county since Lyndon Johnson in See table at right.

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He again carried the county in , though by a smaller margin. While the Democratic Party has found increasing success in Presidential elections in Oakland County, the state Republican Party has remained strong in recent gubernatorial and state elections. The county favored Governor Rick Snyder R by a percent margin in the statewide elections and again by a point margin in While Republicans held a majority on the County Commission for most of its history, following the elections, there are 11 Democrats and 10 Republicans.

Slotkin and Stevens were first elected in , flipping Republican-held seats. The conditions on most non-residential roads in Oakland County are not favorable to bicycling. Exceptions to this are primarily in the inner-ring suburbs within the southeast corner of the county. This is due to their street grid. A primary reason for these unfavorable cycling conditions is the Road Commission for Oakland County has a policy of not accommodating bicycles on the road. As a result, some communities have designated sidepaths locally called "safety paths" as bike routes which do not meet the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials AASHTO guidelines for bicycling facilities and have been found to be less safe than on-road bike facilities.

Only the city of Ferndale has a built comprehensive bicycle network of bike lanes and signed shared roadways. There are lakes in Oakland County. Of those lakes, are named while 70 are unnamed lakes.

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Upper Bushman Lake Independence Twp. Upper Silver Lake Waterford Twp. Measuring America:The Decennial Censuses from to For background information on each census including instructions given to enumerators. Census Questionnaires View Census questionnaires back to It also has some mapping capabilities. Social Explorer Social Explorer contains data from the first Census in to the present day.

Using their data, the user can generate maps of population or specific demographic variables by location, as well as reports. It is important to remember that it can be difficult to map demographic data over time, since the questions asked and methods used have not remained consistent.

Note: this resource requires user registration, but registration is free and immediate. UMich Census Publication Inventory Social Explorer State and County; 14 states, D. PL data is only online source for block data. State and County; 13 states and two territories but not Michigan. Historical Census Browser. State and County; 13 states and three territories but not Michigan. Social Explorer. This affidavit may be completed at the time of the child's birth or at any other time after the birth. Completion of this affidavit is voluntary. It indicates the parents' wish to acknowledge parentage of a child.

It is intended for use by couples who were not married at the time the child was conceived, nor at the time of birth. Proper completion of the form is very important.