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Related Links. Please review our Privacy Statement and Data Security Statement for a full description of our policies. Applicants who do not receive volunteer approval do receive a copy of their report. Click here to request a copy of your report.

Background Checks

Each state has their own statutes governing what information can reported on a background screen. BIB reports only that information deemed reportable by local, state and federal law. Visit our online dispute resolution center to submit a dispute.

Background Checks

Should a discrepancy be found on your report, it will be resubmitted to the school system for review. You will need to provide your full name, current address, date of birth and social security number. You will also be asked to submit why you would like to volunteer and where you would like to volunteer if applicable. We also ask for your email address so that we may communicate information regarding your background screen. Typical turnaround is seven to 10 business days, which includes the time to conduct the check, review it for approval and deliver your ID card.

Every organization has a specific set of restrictions and policies.

Fact check: Would stronger background checks have prevented El Paso or Dayton? - CNNPolitics

State and city laws also differ. Please refer to your organization's policy.

Registered and convicted sex offenders are prohibited from interaction with children. If you have specific questions regarding a violation, please contact your organization. Each organization has specific policies regarding screening frequency. Typically, rescreens may need to occur every one to three years. We require a new screening every 12 months.

The cost varies depending on the organization. Some organizations require applicants to pay some or all of the cost associated with background screens. Other organizations may pay the full cost themselves. Information regarding cost will be presented during the application process prior to being charged. Background Investigation Bureau is a nationally recognized full-service screening provider, specializing in innovative background check, verification, validation and drug testing solutions for a variety of industries.

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Founded in , BIB focuses on the differences that matter in screening: efficient turnaround times, high quality data, affordable pricing and outstanding customer service. Secure Volunteer is a web based platform that provides a turnkey, effective solution for screening volunteers.

Secure Volunteer streamlines and manages volunteer background checks, providing organizations reliable and complete information. The Secure Volunteer web-module includes intuitive tools to manage and approve volunteer background screens. This volunteer background screening process also supplies volunteers with visual IDs, providing a more secure and visible solution for tracking volunteers. Background Investigation Bureau BIB supplies the high quality information you need, exactly when you need it, allowing you to make informed, confident placement decisions.

As a leading employment screening management firm, we are effective in helping organizations improve and manage their employment screening operations. Organizations find value in our experience and expertise; from improving the quality of your baseline screening methodologies to solving complex operational workflow challenges, BIB can help. What is this unknown charge from BIB on my credit card? I have two charges from BIB on my card, why was I charged twice? Address history may not exist for young individuals how many credit cards can someone have before their 18th birthday?! Considering the above, there are a few reasons the current address may not come back on the address history; all center around the fact that reporting is voluntary.

What if the applicant recently moved and, again, the address has not been reported? Alternatively, what if the one company who did report had a typo and that zip code is in the county next to the one your applicant actually lives in?

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These are only a handful of ways the current address may not show up, or show up correct, on an address history list. Recent criminal activity is arguably the most important component of a background screen; consequently, the current address is the most important to search!

Fact check: Would stronger background checks have stopped El Paso and Dayton?

It is reasonable to conclude that if individualized assessment and ban-the-box proponents both encourage giving weight to these recent incidents, you should do just that… but you have to make sure you search for it, first! What is the advantage to taking extra time to provide a complete current address on all your background check requests? You will get better results. Entering the address takes a little longer… but is nearly as important!!!