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He was sentenced to five years of probation. While still on probation, Larry was arrested and convicted of misdemeanor drug possession. He was sentenced to time served and has managed to stay out of trouble since. With the help of the Legal Aid Society of New York City, Larry sealed his felony conviction in June under a new state law that allows people who have avoided crime for 10 years to seal up to two previous criminal convictions.

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That revelation has put his potential promotion on hold, he said. New Yorkers with criminal records were eligible to have up to two nonviolent misdemeanors, or one nonsexual felony and one misdemeanor, sealed from public view in most background checks.

Overview of Expunging /Clearing Your Criminal Record in New York State

But as of Aug. Even those whose records are sealed may have inadvertent disclosures, as Larry did, or find that the sealing is insufficient because it does not completely lift the cloud of criminal conviction, unlike an expungement, which usually involves destroying all publicly available records of the offense. When a record is expunged, it no longer appears in background searches and people can legally deny past criminal involvement when asked.

Going through this process helps, but it takes so long. Advocates agree and are increasingly pushing for expungement rather than record sealing. Nearly 1 in 3 American adults has a prior arrest or criminal conviction on their record, and many face barriers to gainful employment and upward mobility as a result. According to the Prison Policy Initiative, formerly incarcerated people had an unemployment rate of over 27 percent in , compared with a jobless rate of 5. The second is to advance economic development, and the third is to protect public health and safety.

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Our proposal addresses all three goals. But advocates say expungement would remove ambiguity.

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Advocates have proposed that court records, including criminal complaints and any written decisions, be marked as expunged, while ancillary records such as fingerprints and mugshots are physically destroyed. Even expunged marijuana convictions can be grounds for deportation, notes Immigrant Defense Project Supervising Attorney Marie Mark, so the proposal includes additional protective measures for non-citizens.

Mayor Bill de Blasio also endorsed automatic expungement in a December task force report from his administration, with the caveat that district attorneys should have the ability to challenge on a case-by-case basis.

Online information & Databases

New York state has collected millions of data on the government, individuals, and businesses, and if you know where to look, you can find access to New York public records easily to find the information that you want. In the state of New York, the official registration of birth records started in For records before in Albany, Buffalo and Yonkers or before in any other city you need to write to the Registrar of Vital Statistics in the city where the registrant was born.

You can also submit it by hand to the nearest Health Department if you live in New York. Make sure that a check drawn on a United States Bank or an international money order with the fee for copying the Birth Record is also sent. New York death records are filed and archived under the authority of the States Department of Health. They began keeping records as early as However, the State Department of Health does not keep records that occur within New York City, if you are looking for records that occur within New York City, you will need to turn to the New York City Municipal Archives, where it is divided deepening on the time of death.

For death records that occurred in New York City before , the Department of Records was in charge, and you may request they search their records and send a certified copy. From to the present, you will need to turn to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, they hold the records for the deaths of those who died in New York City, the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Brooklyn, if the death was before the Municipal Archive will be responsible.

Moving Forward with a Criminal Record in New York State: Criminal Records (Part 1)