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Check the side effects of any medicine you're taking. Page last reviewed: 1 February Next review due: 1 February Nail problems. Your nails may change over time It's normal for nails to: become thicker or break more easily brittle as you get older become harder, softer or more brittle during pregnancy — they should be healthier within 6 months of having a baby change colour, become loose and eventually fall off after an injury Fingernails that fall off after an injury should grow back within 6 months.

Things you can do yourself There are some things you can do to help with common nail problems. Do wear rubber gloves if your hands are often in water or you regularly use cleaning products clean your nails with a soft nailbrush regularly apply hand cream to your nails and fingertips regularly trim your nails — it may help to cut nails after a shower or bath cut injured, loose nails back to where they are still attached — this helps them to grow back normally.


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If these words and phrases do not correspond to your current needs, why not order additional KeyTrack reports targeted at your specific e-commerce needs? Fungus can only grow in an environment where the pH level is acidic.

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Soaking your feet or toes in hot water mixed with baking soda may prevent the fungus from spreading. Baking soda creates an alkaline environment and, over the course of a few soaks, may leave your nails much clearer. Oregano oil has been found to have antimicrobial properties. Similar to using tea tree oil for treatment, oregano oil should be mixed with a carrier oil before being applied topically to the affected nail or nails.

The dye from dark nail polish can seep into the nail enamel, leaving them permanently stained. Hydrogen peroxide goes deep into the nail and lightens the coloring, similar to the way that bleach strips the color out of hair.

12 nail changes a dermatologist should examine

Mixing hydrogen peroxide into warm water and soaking the nails may improve the appearance of stains, and adding baking soda will make it even more effective. Vitamin E is known to help cells retain moisture and look healthier. Your skin, hair, and nails all take on an appearance of vitality when you have plenty of vitamin E.

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Vitamin E has also been clinically studied as a successful treatment for yellow nail syndrome. Yellow nail syndrome is exactly what you'd think — a condition that causes nails to become discolored, ridged, and thick.

12 nail changes a dermatologist should examine

Since vitamin E stimulates healthy nail growth, it can be applied topically or taken orally to help your nails grow in quickly. If your yellow nails are caused by a yeast or bacteria, try some of the treatments above to help clear it up. When yellowing is caused by fungus, oral prescriptions such as terbinafine Lamisil or itraconazole Sporanox can be effective.

go site Both of these drugs have been flagged by the FDA as potentially dangerous to the liver for long-term use. They do present some common side effects, such as diarrhea and abdominal pain. You may want to request ciclopirox Penlac Nail Lacquer as an alternative prescription treatment. Ciclopirox is applied to the nail much like a nail polish. All of these prescriptions take weeks to months to be effective.

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Healthy nail growth will gradually replace the yellowed appearance of your nails. Be aware that no oral or topical antifungal is percent effective and recurrence of nail fungus is common.

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You can prevent nail discoloration by being careful about nail hygiene. Be mindful of nail salons and spas that could spread fungal infections and disease to customers. A good manicurist will use a clean or new manicure kit on each person. Trim your nails frequently, and sweep dirt out from underneath your nails with a nail brush once or twice a week.

After attempting to treat yellow nails at home, your condition should begin to improve.