How to find out if someone left a will

Can you find out how much someone left in a Will?

Because creditors need to be given time to make claims against the estate, this can take some time. Executors are also under no obligation to include beneficiaries in the decision-making process.

Both executors and beneficiaries have a set of rights throughout the probate process. The court gives these rights to protect beneficiaries and to ensure executors are able to do their jobs effectively. The best way to avoid issues with the beneficiaries of an estate is to communicate clearly and frequently throughout the process.

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Finding a Will After Someone Dies

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How can you get a copy of someone's will?

A new probate record will be online approximately 14 days after probate has been issued. Probate records that include a will Not all probate records contain a will. Search for a probate record by post Download and fill in form PA1S to search for a probate record by post. You should get a response within 4 weeks. If the person died in the last 6 months Probate may not have been granted yet. You can extend the standing search after 6 months.

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A well-off relative recently died. After experiencing an initial bout of grief, you start wondering: what if they left you money in their will?

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It feels wrong to bring something like that up with the immediate family, but you also want to know. Is there anything that you can do to find out? What happens if you discover that you were left something?

Once it is filed which usually happens fairly quickly , it becomes a public document.