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To order via the Internet using your credit card, the birth or death must have occurred over 6 weeks ago. Click here to access On-line Application. Health Alerts Archive. Flavored Tobacco Tobacco Waste. SSP Comment Form.

Guidelines for Ordering Birth & Death Certificates

Public Health Menu. Birth and Death Certificates Vital Statistics Program Registers all births and deaths occurring in Santa Cruz County Provides birth and death certificates for recent years, promptly, at the door or by mail Provides amendment forms and instructions to correct birth or death records Conducts interviews to register out-of-hospital births by appointment only Issues burial permits for California dispositions or transport of remains to other states or countries Generates reports from the data on birth and death certificates Identity theft is on the rise, and the release of birth and death records is a vulnerable point in this regard.

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Insurance benefits, or to close personal business of the deceased. A child, grandparent, grandchild, sibling, spouse, or domestic partner of the registrant. A party entitled to receive the record as a result of a court order, or an attorney or a licensed adoption agency seeking the birth record in order to comply with the requirements of Section or of the Family Code.

A member of a law enforcement agency or a representative of another government agency, as provided by law, who is conducting official business.

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A funeral director ordering certified copies of a death certificate on behalf of the registrant's family. For births or deaths occurring outside Santa Cruz county, please contact the county where the birth or death occurred. The Office of Vital Records has certificates only for the years - No credit card transactions are performed by the Health Department at this time. Acceptable methods of payment are cash, check, or money order please do not send cash in the mail.

Requests made in person are filled immediately.

Requests by mail will be filled the same week the request is received. Send requests to: Madera County Health Dept. California law governing who may acquire certified copies of vital events changed as of July 1, Only qualified persons may receive regular certified copies that are valid for all legal purposes of identification. If the applicant wishes to pick up certified copies in person from the Health Department, they must sign the application in the presence of Health Dept.

Burial permits are issued by the Health Department and are required before any disposition of human remains can take place.

Death Certificate

Dispositions that can be authorized include:. Most of the time, dispositions are decided upon, authorized, and finalized at the time of death when a death certificate is filed with the Health Department. In some cases, however, circumstances arise after the initial documentation has been processed that requires a change in the original disposition. Changes can be authorized at the Health Department by the responsible family member presenting a copy of the original burial permit, or if that document is unavailable, a certified copy of the death certificate.

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For more information or instructions concerning your particular situation, please call the Vital Statistics section of the Health Department at or Births that occur outside recognized birthing facilities must be registered by the parents at the Health Department. If the one-year limit has been exceeded, the birth will have to be registered with the State Office of Vital Statistics using a Delayed Certificate of Birth.

If documentation required by the State of California to prove the facts of birth is not in existence, the parents will have to petition the courts to register the birth. Registering a birth locally also requires certain documentation to prove the facts of birth. You can call the Health Department to have an informational packet mailed to you by phoning or When you have questions about how to accomplish certain tasks that concern the State Office of Vital Statistics, your local Vital Statistics Office can help.

This can include changing incorrect information on birth and death certificates, how to obtain state services, and understanding laws and regulations governing these legal documents. Correcting information on birth and death certificates requires the completion of an Affidavit to Amend a Record. There is no cost to submit one of these documents within one year after the event.