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Records that are not covered by the Act, or that are exempt, include:.

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A Criminal History Records Check can be requested on anyone, by anyone, and does not require a signed release by the person being checked. You simply need to fill out the application with the appropriate information. There is also an online search portal that employers and licensing agencies can use to perform background checks instantly.

These are name-based reports that return arrest history for the state of Oklahoma only.

Qualifying for a Section 18/19 Expungement

To find information on the state correctional facilities, inmates in the system, or services for victims, visit the Oklahoma Department of Corrections website. If you wish to locate an offender in the Oklahoma prison system, there is a search page that will prompt you to enter either an ODOC or a First and Last Name.

Background Check in Oklahoma - Free Public and Criminal Records

The results will return an image, if available, a description, list of offenses, current location, and earliest possible release date. The online search page will allow you to search the dockets for all district courts as well as the three appellate courts in the state.

Copies of full case files and more specific records will still need to be requested from the clerk of the court in the courthouse where the case was heard. Oklahoma Vital Records. Vital records in Oklahoma, such as birth and death certificates, are administered by the Oklahoma Center for Health Statistics, Vital Statistics Office. Birth and death certificates are available from to present. To obtain either of these, you will need to prove that you are an interested party, such as being listed on the certificate, an immediate family member, legal guardian, or legal representative.

Birth records become open records after years and death records after 75 years. To request either of these you can do the following:. If you are interested in bulk background checks at a discounted rate, please call us at We are not affiliated with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

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We just pull their records. This website is a project of Michael A. Where data or disposition information is incorrect, not shown, or further explanation of a charge or disposition is desired, communicate directly with the law enforcement agency contributing the record.

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It is the responsibility of law enforcement to correct the record; or, if they will not help you, you can hire our attorneys to help you get it expunged. Nothing else is included in the service. The PLLC does not intend to, nor will it under any circumstance, provide anything else in this service.

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Specifically, the following will never be included in this service: interpretation, correction, or discussion of the record. Customer's interested in said service are encouraged to review our expungement offerings. Otherwise, interpretation, correction, discussion, or any other action related to the OSBI record is the responsibility of the Customer and the relevant law enforcement agencies.

Only the Court where a final disposition occurred can provide a certified copy of a record's disposition.

Background Checks in Oklahoma

Furthermore, the PLLC cannot, in any circumstance, affirm that the record relates to the person of your inquiry: instead, each record must be individually verified by the Customer. The information provided is complete and accurate to the extent feasible as of the date of dissemination by OSBI, based on the records received at OSBI by other law enforcement and judicial entities.

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  6. The information provided by the OSBI background check is not reviewed by the PLLC or any other person for interpretation or accuracy - that is the responsibility of the Customer, and the law enforcement and judicial agencies contributing records to the OSBI.