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While the database is the most comprehensive to date, it is likely an undercount because of underreporting by jail officials.

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Anyone from an accused shoplifter to an alleged murderer could be booked into jail — not prison. Every year, approximately , people are booked into jails in Oregon and Washington. That spans 37 county jails in Washington, 29 in Oregon, and municipal and tribal jails in both states. County jails play an integral role in the criminal justice system. Richard Cummins, a professor of medicine at the University of Washington who has served as an expert witness in jail death lawsuits.

A third of all inmates never made it past three days. Some deaths in county jails are outside the control of jail staff.

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Marin Fox, who runs the Cowlitz County Jail in southwest Washington, said the people coming through her doors are sicker, more likely to be mentally ill and more likely to be acutely drug addicted than when she started 20 years ago. Source: U. Decades later, the same issues — even many of the same buildings — remain.

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During a recent tour, roughly 30 inmates were seen living in a minimum-security housing pod meant for just eight people. In Oregon, jails are required to be inspected by county commissioners and grand juries. Jails must comply with a set of statewide standards that govern everything from riot control to a requirement that mattresses and blankets be fire-retardant. Washington has no mandatory statewide jail standards or inspection programs.

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Instead, jails are required to develop their own standards to ensure the health, welfare and safety of inmates. About three years ago, Washington state Rep. Goodman said the consensus from those meetings was that Washington should establish statewide standards. But, he said, it soon became apparent most counties could not afford to meet new standards without substantial help from the state.

Separately, a task force in Washington has recommended increasing the number of people released from jail while awaiting trial. Between 20 and 40 county inmates in the Northwest die each year.

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Though not every Northwest jail has reported deaths in the past decade, several have had mortality rates higher than the last reported national average, which in was deaths per , inmates. Yet no agency or independent task force in either Oregon or Washington has done an analysis to determine why. Often, the only source of information about the deaths for families of those who die in jail comes by way of civil lawsuits. Snow has since filed two more lawsuits on behalf of families whose loved ones died in the Snohomish County Jail.

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Statisticians at the Bureau of Justice Statistics, which collects the data most researchers rely on, said 98 percent of jails last year responded to their request for data. Government officials in many counties resisted the release of public information about deaths in jail, often citing privacy concerns or public records exemptions. In our search for records of inmate deaths from 66 counties in the Pacific Northwest, only one — King County, Washington — offered information on deaths that it tracks beyond what BJS collects.

Several counties disputed that certain deaths happened in their custody. In some cases, the deaths were never reported to the federal government. In another case, officials did report it but later claimed it should not be counted as a death in custody. The county never reported his death to the federal government. On Nov. His official cause of death is listed as sepsis pneumonia. Jolibois had been booked in February of that year.

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He spent more than nights in jail. On Halloween, he was taken to the hospital.

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The county jail released him the next day, and he was dead by p. He had been an inmate of the Spokane County Jail. Like many in the Northwest and many more across the country, Flynn was never officially recorded as an in-custody jail death.

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If you have a tip or a story idea, email us at cwilson opb. Incomplete data tracking hides a crisis of rising death rates in overburdened Northwest jails that have been set up to fail the inmates they are tasked with keeping safe. Booked and buried: Northwest jails' mounting death toll. Annual Jail Mortality Rates The best available data shows mortality rates, while varying year to year, have trended upward both in the region and across the country.

Helens, Ore. In , two Columbia County inmates attempted suicide on the same day.

Deputies revived one, but year-old Jason Shaw later died at a Portland hospital. J ails are the entry point to the criminal justice system. Socks, sandals, clothing and blankets line the shelves of a stock room at the Deschutes County Jail in Bend, Ore. In Oregon, jails must comply with a set of statewide standards that govern everything from riot control to a requirement that mattresses and blankets be fire-retardant.

As you might expect, there are access issues. Seattle nonprofit Books to Prisoners has been sending used books to correctional facilities for decades to help with those issues. Our trained volunteers choose books from our on-site library to try to connect the best choices with what the person has asked for.

Eventually, staffers noticed that a bunch of their books were mysteriously bouncing back to them. Dillon is encouraging people to write into the DOC and and elected officials to get this new policy overturned.